The Heart’s Tessellate

Its not finding the perfect person that matters, really, perfect is boring. Imperfect is just right. But finding that person that makes you feel that spark, and lights up everything like fire flies trapped in a bottle is simply magical. The most amazing parts of it is how it all happened, how it begun and how great things are.

Some persons walk into our life and it feels like every other problem walks out. This person walked into my life, everything seemed so right. I really wasn’t interested in meeting people, the idea of being asked questions about myself and forcing that polite attitude really wasn’t any sort of fun. Maybe I will call it a night I would never forget. A night I would never forget because I met this stranger, this very special stranger. He smiled at my frowns; laughed at my ‘five seconds confused look’ and insisted we meet again. I convinced myself not to meet again, but instead my heart betrayed me and yearned for another time with him.

Then we met again and again. And with every passing day, I grew fonder of him. We were two different persons, more like opposites. But became so alike with time. There was so little to say and so much to tell him. He was certainly the number one person I wanted to tell the crazy things that happened every day. And still he is the very person I am willing to tell whatever it was that burdened my heart. We didn’t get along all the time but we were an item, a beautiful one. Our conversations were the best, the ‘I’ll talk to you later’ just as exciting as the ‘hey’ . Deep down within me, I started to love him, even more than expected. I began to care about his every step; his worries became mine and mine, his. Thoughts of our conversations and him occupied my mind. His words were like music, I smiled to every rhythm. I made so much effort to deny this feeling but it was to no avail.

And one night, he whispered “I love you.” He pulled the words right out of my mouth. “Why?’ I asked, with my five seconds confused look. ‘You’re an amazing person and all I want is to be a part of you. Loving you is the best feeling I have felt in the longest while.” I smiled uncontrollably and my cheeks were flushed. “I love you too.” I said smiling as if the world was at my feet. Our mutual weirdness began.

Still he’s my favourite person in the world, my favourite stranger.


My stringed Nightingale

I’m that definition of an ordinary teenager, so nothing much happens around here. I’m just that cool kid who’s more or less obsessed with literature. My fun is literary appreciation, evening strolls, writing and reading. Yes! I am a nerd.

It was Tuesday and I was taking that timid evening stroll to the park; timid because we nerds are anxious of that bully that might pop out of thin air and put an unexpected end to our happiness.

That day seemed so different. I don’t know if it was the grass that seemed greener or poetry felt more beautiful, or that no bully has shown up or maybe it was my mom’s cooking; it just got better. This evening stroll has always been an essential part of my day, inspiration seemed to pop out of everywhere even while being chased and beaten up by a bully. Back to this Tuesday, I spotted the swing set from afar and fortunately it was vacant. Imusical raced towards it with the goal of getting there before anyone; most kids don’t like to share the swing until they are satisfied with vertigo. While I was dashing through the wind, feeling like a hero with his grand price in a distance I heard this melody that had me running in the opposite direction.Then I stopped, and climbed the central tree for a clearer view.

Then I found her. Her, the most beautiful girl I laid my defective eyes on. Not that I’ve met many girls but she is radiant. I took off my glasses, rubbed my eyes and put them back on. My heart skipped a beat the second I spotted her and the butterflies in my tummy fluttered. She played the violin and she was exceptionally brilliant, with so much grace and passion.

I sat on that tree for two hours, watching her until she packed up and left. I snapped out of my deep thoughts and realized that it was late. I walked home, but this time slowly. The piece she played was all I could think of.

The memory of the melody began to fade and it hit me, I might not see her again. I went to bed contented. My evening stroll was indeed inspiring.

Today, I saw my stringed nightingale.

Susan’s letter to God

Dear God,

They say life gives and life takes, but life happened to me.

My name is Susan, I am 12 years old. I have been an orphan for as long as I remember. I don’t have friends but I have family. I’m that girl everyone calls weird at school and is bullied time after time.

My family is Nanny. She’s the only person that has shown me love in this world of hate and despite and I’m eternally grateful to her. She’s been my Santa clause, Easter bunny, my best friend and my everybody. And out of the little she had, she gave me plenty. She loves me and has loved me with all her heart so that I know no hatred and I love her with all that I am. She has brought so much joy in my life that happiness is only felt in her presence. Nanny, I wouldn’t trade her for anyone or anything in this world and beyond.

Last night Nanny and I talked at length before we fell asleep, and she said “God is love”. This morning she didn’t wake up. Up till now I haven’t heard that heart warming echo of her voice. She’s gone and I’m alone, I don’t know how to continue to live. But Nanny always said that with you there is hope. Please help me! Please!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A broken heart.


The fault in “The fault in our stars”

The movie “The fault in our stars” remains one of my best. I have this crazy habit of watching movies a million times and I must confess, I’ve seen this movie a zillion times. Did I mention? Its my best book.

The author, John Green let out so much emotions in this work and with so much poetry, he told it all. I’m in love with this book! Each time I see the movie, it feels like the first time. Hazel Grace Lancaster! She and Augustus found love so perfect in their imperfect lives. So much beauty in his words and so much life in her. Anyone would expect life to be miserable for these two but in numbered days they lived life. I started tearing when Augustus arranged his funeral to listen to the eulogy of the love of his life and best friend Isaac.

Dear John Green.

I’m nothing like Hazel but I am a fan of your work. You left me in great suspense. I want to know what happens next, I won’t mind a sequel. I’ll really appreciate it. I promise not to share it with anyone. Thank you!

                                                                                                                                         Dim Mesoma Chelia.

Hello world!

This is just my way of giving everyone the opportunity to share in my adventure of writings and written emotions!

From time to time ” A blot of my words” would dash out something interesting for you to read and ponder on. Get ready to set your imagination free. Thank you!

I am Dim Mesoma Chelia and I have so much to share with you. Happy reading darlings!!!blogger